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And now, a poem that's a follow-up to "Elizabeth's Prayer"

*Here's a poem that is a follow-up to my debut poem: "Elizabeth's Prayer" so, enjoy*
"The Little Harp Girl" poem by me

As I walk towards you
Sweet Elizabeth, you and your harp there
In the clear moonlight
Now, you go on
And play your harp
and I'll be your audience
Just let me listen to your lovely sounds

For you are the little harp girl
forever flying in a heartbeat
like a beautiful angel come to life
that you give us such pleasent dreams
that we would face tomorrow

Now, let me close my eyes tonight
cause I can imagine you as a angel
now, I hear those lovely harp sounds
Like in my mind
Oh, how you shine like the morning sun!

Cause you are the little harp girl
We know that your love so true
In all you do
I want to hear your harp
play forever in the starry night sky
with you.

Poem by David, copyrighted by me.
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