Brandon (balkfan1240) wrote in muse_of_angels,

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Forge Me

distract me
i'm about to take a plunge
and if you cannot fix me
i will do my best
but my best never seemed to fit
too tight or dry or salty

melt me
and mix me with normal things
like carrots and onions
it still wont taste right
cook me until i've evaporated
still too spicy or chewy or raw

clean me
wash the wounds right off
and if you cannot cleanse me
i'll just have to be dirty
but that never seemed to fit me
too sticky or heavy or ugly

spell me
with all the letters of the alphabet
and if those aren't enough
create some new ones
but new things grow old
become too needy or trendy or pale

forge me
like a signature in blood
dripping from my wrists
nailed to your heart
pushed in hard and not budging
too stuck or hard or stubborn
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