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This is a fiction prompt based community. Writing prompts will be given every week, and members can post their short stories for critique by other members. You are welcome to submit off topic pieces. I'm also in the process of adding new assignments to help writers, like weekly vocabulary words.


1)Please don't bash on an author. There is no right or wrong way to write, everyone is here to express themselves as they feel they should. Constructive criticisms are encouraged, but there is a difference between that and putting someone down.

2)Speaking of constructive criticism, please be aware that by submitting a piece to the community, you are putting it up for critique. Critiques should never be rude or derogatory towards the writer (if they are, please let me know)but they aren't always going to be positive. If you can't handle this, please specify that you don't want your piece criticized. But remember, there is no point in sugar coating comments either. Someone can always improve something in their writing, weather it be grammar, spelling, technique, word choices, flow, ect, but they can't improve with comments like "I like it," without any follow up. Which brings me to the next rule.

3)While it is good to know that your piece is liked by others, it doesn't help a writer improve by telling them that their work is good. When commenting, try to point out the good part of their work, as well as what you feel could use improvement, by saying "I liked the part where..." or "I think you should work on..." etc.

4)I'd love to have topic or activity suggestions. Feel free to email me your ideas.

5)Please use the LJ cut tag in your post. Please use the name of your story and link that to the cut. (I hope that makes sense like I mean it to.)

6)Just because an assignment is old doesn't mean you can't participate in it. I'd love to have everyone participate in every assignment if possible! So, please do, just be sure to put the appropriate info with the post. (Correct subject and any other information I specify you should include.) You can find each assignment in the community's memories.


Note: Where there is a *, please fill in the correct number of the assignment.

1)Writing Topic- every week, a new topic will be given. You can respond in any way you choose, unless a certain type of writing is specified. Please put Writing Topic *, and include this in your post, using the topic number's correct fill-ins:

(I will post the week's topic in this format, and you can copy and paste it.)

2)Vocabulary- I don’t know about anyone else, but I love to learn new words. So if nothing else, this assignment is for my own interest, but hopefully others will be interested as well. Use the words in a paragraph, story, piece of writing, or make separate sentences for each. Anything to get the words in your head. The more you use them, the easier you will learn them, so if you have the time, try using them in more then one writing piece, or making more then one sentence each. In each piece of writing you should try to put the vocab word in bold, so it is easy to see. Use the tag (b) text (/b) where ( = < to bold the text. Please put Vocabulary Lesson * in the subject of your post.

3)Picture This- I will post a picture, and members are to describe the picture as descriptively as possible. Describe it however you can. Try to place as detailed of a mental picture in the readers mind as you can. You can use some form of writing to describe it such as a poem, short story, ect, or you can just write a description. You can also do both if you choose. The main idea of the activity tho is being descriptive. This will help expand vocabulary. Also, descriptions are a very important part of writing, so this exercise will help us in that area. Please let me know how you feel about this exercise. Also, when writing a post for this exercise, please put Picture This Exercise *.

4)I will keep an updated list of how many assignments each member completes, so that the people who participate more often get that recognition.

Participation in any of the activities is not required, but is encouraged. Don't forget to comment on other people's work! Happy writing!

I'll update the rules and activities as more come to me, so please check back.